Mass to Restart June 13th&14th

All parishioners should have received a letter describing our reopening procedures. Based on directives received from the Diocese of Camden, we will be resuming masses the weekend of June 13/14, five Masses per weekend will be celebrated at St. Joseph Church – two Masses on Saturday – 4:30 pm and a Spanish Mass at 7

When We Return to Mass.

As of the writing of this article, we do not have a date to resume public masses.  The numbers used in this article are our current best guesses provided by the diocese, however, some details may change.  Here’s what we know so far. When Governor Murphy issues an executive order permitting the re-opening of various

Sunday Morning Podcast

The Raising of Lazarus The second episode of my Sunday Morning podcast is now available.  You can find them both at the link below. The Man Born Blind: Today ushered in the first episode my Sunday Morning podcast.  It’s like youi’re hearing me preach at church, but longer.  The plan is to have each new

New Resources

Click RESOURCES in the main menu above for a selection of videos and more. These will be especially helpful Sunday mornings when we would otherwise be at mass.

We received the following email from Beth Dondero-Garvey, a teacher at St. Joseph’s Regional School. It lists a few more resources you might be interested in.


In order to prevent or reduce the spread of the COVID-19 Corona Virus, the state has implemented restrictions with regard to gathering and travel.  In order to comply with both the letter and spirit of these restrictions, the diocese has issued directives which are summarized below, along with some changes specific to St. Joseph Church.

Bible Study

THE PASSION AND RESURRECTION NARRATIVES OF JESUS The Passion and Resurrection is the core of the Scriptures and the heart of our faith, liturgy and prayer. Join us in exploring the four Bible narratives, and the differences and reasons behind those differences, as we look to the crucified and Risen Jesus as the source of