Getting By in Hard Times

None of us knows what the future holds.  The global coronavirus pandemic has forced businesses, schools, and churches to close.  It has led to restrictions in travel, shortages on supermarket shelves, and increased worry and fear.

Now is not the time to panic.. We each need to set priorities and act to help our communities get through this. Here, for what it’s worth are my suggestions:

  1. HEALTH: Follow the recommend health guidelines — hand washing, social distancing, home quarantine, etc.
  2. INCOME: If you have lost your job, even temporarily, file for unemployment.  Don’t wait expecting things to get better in the near term.  If they do, praise God.  If they don’t you’ll be glad for the benefits.  You can find out about NJ Unemployment benefits at “
  3. FOOD: Make sure you and your family have enough food.  Keep it simple – beans & rice is a good menu choice.
  4. UTILITIES: Make sure your utilities are paid, water, gas, electric.  You need to be warm and hydrated.
  5. TRANSPORTATION: We all still need to get to the store and get to work, etc.
  6. CREDIT: Credit is not your friend.  If you can avoid borrowing money and using credit cards you will be in much better shape when this is over.

These are the essentials.  Think survival mode, but think more broadly than your own family.  Keep an eye out for others in need.

Nothing draws people together like shared hardship and nothing drives people apart like “I got mine.”  Let’s work together, keep each other in prayer, and depend on the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit to get us through.